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    Standard Rettung auf dem Hudson River


    Beeindruckende Bilder einer erstaunlichen Rettung auf dem 4 Grad (Celsius) kalten Fluss.
    By now everybody will have heard of USAir Flight 1549 and the amazing job of water-landing an Airbus A320, all 155 passengers and crew aboard exited safely and the worst injuries we're hearing about are moderate hypothermia - a sign of how fast they were aboard something else and getting warmed.

    Check this US Coast Guard video (wait for the ads, then fast forward until about 2:30 into the vid)

    The first three vessels arriving to render assistance (presumably the closest) were commercial passenger ferries from New York Waterways -

    It's hard to make out but they were either passing lines or PFDs (or both) to the passengers.

    Be assured that vessels from the Coast Guard, FDNY, NYPD, and other civilian mariners rendering assistance, quickly arrived. Possibly other agencies.

    Camera is on the NJ side, you can get your bearings by spotting the USS Intrepid, now a museum ship, docked on the opposite (NYC) side, find that on any map if you like. It also records the efficiency and professionalism of all 5 crew (pilot, copilot, three cabin attendents) - note the inflatable exit ramps operating properly as rafts and the orderly exit onto the wing. Watch the initial airplane footage starting briefly after 2:30 of the runttime, watch the end of the right wing for somebody falling off and being rescued:

    You can also guage the current by watching the drift against the opposite shoreline. You'll be seeing Intrepid a second time near the end.
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