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    Standard Silver Rudder - Einhand rund Fünen am 20. September

    Ich hab mich auf unserm 20er Jollenkreuzer angemeldet und freu mich über alle, die mitmachen.

    Hier die Liste der aktuell gemeldeten Teilnehmer:

    Das schreibt der Ausrichter:

    We will no doubt have a great race. We'll soon be ready with a brief info leaflet containing practical information and a preliminary draft of the rules and the notice of race.

    Over 50 boats have entered the race so far among them some 10 German sailors and a few swedish.

    In short the rules are very simple.

    start/finish in Svendborg on the 20th of september at noon

    direction counter clockwise

    boat/skipper must comply to the safety and security rules of standard off shore races - lifeline lifewest vhf radio is (portable or stationary) obligatory

    no races rules apply - standard collission regulations apply day and night

    boats and skippers can be denied start permission if bådnyt/svendborgsund amatør sejlklub judge that boat and/or skipper is/are not shipshape

    there are 5 classes in the Silver Rudder: keel boats from 30 foot and smaller, from 31 to 40 foot and from 41 and bigger. Multihull from 30 foot and smaller and from 31 foot bigger. All messieurs LOA.

    No rules of messurement or messurement certificates apply
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    Wir haben jetzt einen Pinnenpiloten, das macht´s etwas bequemer, hoffe ich.
    Feiner Knoten: "Einfacher Konrad"

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