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NP 2 volume 2 africa pilot compromising the west coast of africa from presquíle bakasi bakasi peninsula to cape agulhas islands in the bight ascension, saint helena island, tristan da cunha group and gough island 2016.

NP 8 admiralty sailing directions pilot pacific coast of central america and United States Pilot , pacific coast of panama west of punta marioto costa rica including isla del coco,nicaragua,honduras ,el salvador, guatemala,
mexico and the USA off lying islands between latitudes 4grad North and 48 grad 25 North 2016

Np 18 complet kattegat en kielerkanaal to baltic sea 2018

NP 20 baltic pilot volume 3 whole gulf of finland,whole gulf of bothnia and aland islands 2019

NP 22 bay of biscay pilot brest to la coruna and whole france coast in the bay of biscay and approaches with adjacent coast of france and spain from pointe de penmarc'h to cabo ortegal 2019

NP 57 B norway pilot - west coast of norway from stadlandet to vikna 2017

NP 5011 admiralty symbols and abbreviations used on admiralty paper charts 2018

United states USCP original american pilot nr 5 46th edition 2018
United states coast gulf of mexico,puerto rico and the virgin islands

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