Habe heute folgende Mail von der Cleopatra- Marina erhalten. Ist sicher auch für Andere interessant:

The Greek Government announced yesterday some new measures regarding the COVID-19 crisis. Starting from Monday 23/03/2020 at 06:00 a full lockdown will be in effect throughout Greece, aimed at curbing the further spread of the coronavirus.
Under the new restrictions, anyone planning to leave their premise must inform authorities of the reason for their movement prior to any transition. This can be done via three different options:

either filling in a special form on the government website forma.gov.gr, (which is at the moment only available in Greek)
sending an SMS to the number 13033
or explaining their reason in a signed personal declaration that can be written on a simple piece of paper

In all the above cases, movement is strictly allowed only for the following purposes:

Transition to a pharmacy or a doctor, following a previous consultation with either a pharmacist or a doctor
Transition to a store for supply of basic goods, in case a delivery inhouse is not possible
Transition to a bank, if another means of electronic transaction is unavailable
Transition in order to provide assistance to people in need
Transition to an official ceremony (such as a wedding, or a funeral)
Short-term transition, to any location in close proximity of one’s premise for physical exercise or in order to walk a pet.

In any of the above cases, the movement is only allowed for up to two people, provided they keep the distance of at least 1,5m (5 feet) between them. Additionally, every car is allowed to carry a maximum of 2 people onboard. At all times, everyone outside their house is expected to carry an ID or his/her passport.

We are actively reaching out to all our customers who are to our knowledge located in Greece with more detailed instructions regarding the process of leaving their premise, however should anyone have not received any such e-mail please contact us at info@clmarina.gr and we will forward you thorough instructions.

Any deviations from the above, will be closely monitored by Greek police and fines and sanctions will be enforced.
Additionally, everyone coming to Greece from abroad is expected to stay in strict quarantine for 14 days, with possible violations being monitored constantly and hefty fines already handed out.

Furthermore, from Sunday 21/3/2020, and until Tuesday 21/4/2020, a travel ban to all movements of vessels, private or otherwise, has been imposed throughout the Greek territory. Therefore, all sailing departures, arrivals and movements are not allowed. For the exceptions that are allowed the Port Authorities and Police have to be contacted, and can allow boats to departfor one of the following reasons:

Emergencies and force majeure that have to do with mechanical issues etc. that are in linked to sailing safety and protection of the sea environment.
Movement within the port of stay or trial sailings, always with the confirmation of the Port Police.
Refueling, water and supplies
Sailing to and from shipyards for repairs etc. After the end of said repairs it is allowed only to sail, single direct trip, to the port of stay or at a port of the captain’s choice, without anyone else onboard, with the permission of the Port Police again.

Finally, on Saturday 21/03/2020 an earthquake with a magnitude of 5,6 was felt at Preveza. We are however happy to inform you, that after a thorough investigation of every boat in our dry dock, no damages to any boat were recorded and the cradles were all fully intact.

Thank you for your undestanding and please bear with us for the wellbeing and safety of yourselves, our staff and the general public.

You can find more information at the National Public Health Organization.
Wash your hands, stay inside and follow all rules and guidelines.