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    Hallo liebe Segler und Seglerinnen.

    Hat jemand Erfahrung oder Kenntnisse von/mit einer
    MacGregor 26?

    Details gibt es unter

    Internette Grüße und bedankt!

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    Ahoy Neu-Segler:

    Welches Modell hast du?

    Here is a review of a friend:

    Review of the MacGregor 26D by Tony Burke on September 24, 2001.

    Year built: 1988
    Location of boat: Marina Del Rey
    The boat is sailed on: Open ocean
    How the boat is used: Weekends and longer
    Normal wind strength: 10-15 knots
    Average size of crew: 2-4
    Liveaboard? No
    Tony Burke bought the boat in: 1991

    If the clock could be turned back, would Tony Burke buy again? Yes

    Gear that`s been added: Mahogany where plastic covers were. Dish rack, wine glass rack. Thin wood floors. Medium frim foam in berths. Lights in V birth and bath. Sail slugs, canape, halyards leeading to cock pit, auto helm, G.P.S., side wind screens, welded a bar on tiller for stiffness.
    Structural or complex improvements: No
    The boat`s best features: Fast, easy to sail, roomy, safe, easy to launch.
    Problem areas in terms of design, materials, maintenance, etc.: Tiller needs to be stiffened, rack mast forward to help weather helm.
    Sailing characterisitcs: Im heavy weather she rounds up to easily, down wind runs she gets squirrely if dagger is to low raising it a third helps a lot. Other then that she does fine.
    Motoring characterisitcs: I have a honda 8 hp, we scoot along at 7 M.P.H. no problem, in tight areas she turns on a dine.
    Liveability: Living on board would be tight but I could do it if I had to. I have been out on her for two weeks and had no problems.
    The owner`s experience in dealing with MacGregor (if any): Good boat, good price, well thought out.
    The owner`s experience with the boat dealer or broker, if any: No
    Other comments: She has been great, people say "macgregor o your new to the sport". I have been sailing for 28 years and the MacGregor is a fine boat it was designed for Recreation sailing, yet I have push her and have had no problems. Reef early and use good judgment.

    Hope (as always) it helps ...

    "All full ahead"

    Capt. U
    Marina Del Rey, CA
    United States of America

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